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It's difficult to remember each and every single regular season game during a 162-game baseball season, but Dodgers fans won't soon forget when LA played Houston in 2020. There was plenty of tension when the two teams met after it came to light that Houston cheated the Dodgers out of the 2017 World Series championship.

Joe Kelly exacted revenge on behalf of his teammates. Even though Kelly wasn't even a member of the 2017 Dodgers, he certainly communicated his thoughts about what Houston did to win their ring.

Kelly whistled a ball close to Carlos Correa before punching him out to end the inning. After striking out Correa, Kelly looked back and made a face at the Houston shortstop. The exchange resulted in the benches clearing and MLB subsequently handing Kelly an eight-game suspension. Despite the fact that not a single Houston player served a suspension for their role in the sign-stealing scandal.

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Years later, his eight-game suspension still isn't sitting well with Kelly. The former Dodgers reliever talked about the one-game suspension that Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson received this week after calling Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson "Jackie".