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This season, the Dodgers have been wearing some new shirts during pregame warmups. The team often wears comical shirts to keep things loose prior the game, but this year, they're rocking new shirts that they had made. Turns out, Dodgers shortstop Trea Turner was the mind behind the design.

Trea had everyone rocking Austin Barnes shirts with a captain's "C" on the chest. Which of course led many to wonder what it meant and how it all game to fruition.

In an interview with AM570's David Vassegh this week, Trea retold the story of how the shorts came to be. Based on Turner's comments, Barnes has loads of respect in the Dodgers clubhouse. 

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“He’s our captain. He led us early in the year, he hit our first homer of the year. He put us on our back early with all those homers. We started to call him captain and it stuck. He hates it so I had these shirts made to make everyone know that he’s our fearless leader, and I remind them every single day.”

Turner noted that Barnes does want to wear the shirt himself, despite Trea's repeated attempts to get him to put one on. Barnes just puts his head down and does his work like the salty, old school catcher he is.

The team appears to be rallying around their backup catcher, and its a wonderful thing to see.

The Dodgers organization is certainly aware of his value, and the fact that fans love him. Barnes will be getting his own bobblehead giveaway night when the team plays the Cardinals on September 24th.