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Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts, Reliever Joe Kelly Suspended by MLB

Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts, Reliever Joe Kelly Suspended by MLB

Major League Baseball has responded to the Dodgers response to the Astros sign-stealing scandal, which Los Angeles believes was at least partially responsible for costing them the 2017 World Series. The Dodgers weren't messing around with the targeting of Houston's players Tuesday night at Minute Maid Park, and MLB wasn't messing around with a decree.

L.A.'s skipper, Dave Roberts, received a one-game suspension (which he'll serve tonight with bench coach Bob Geren taking the helm); reliever Joe Kelly received an eight-game suspension, which he is appealing. Look for the eight games to be reduced to five or six further on down the road. Houston manager, Dusty Baker, received a fine but no suspension.

Food for thought: Whenever Kelly misses his first game after his suspension is upheld by the league, the Dodgers' right-hander will have served more time as punishment for his part in last night's activity than the entire Astros roster combined did for a year's worth of sign-stealing (including a postseason), for which they've expressed no genuine remorse whatsoever.

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