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In Monday nights 5-1 win over the Diamondbacks, Dodgers' Max Scherzer was not even pitching and managed to exude his passion of the game. 

In the bottom of the second inning, Clayton Kershaw dribbled a soft ground ball on an off-speed pitch from Diamondbacks starter Zac Gallen. It was hit so softly and in the perfect place, nobody was able to make a play on the ball, and Clayton Kershaw hustled himself to first for an infield single. 

Scherzer, who loves taking at-bats, was frustrated that a ball so poorly struck could result in an infield single for the pitcher. Scherzer is 0-52 at the plate this year, and his dugout reaction was priceless.

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Suffice to say, Scherzer was not pleased, though obviously amused and happy for his teammate for getting on base. Doug McKain of Dodgers Nation offered his own lip-reading assessment.

It is a very typical 'Max Scherzer moment' to show a little frustration amidst enjoying the "that's so baseball" moment of getting a single off a softly-hit dribbler between three infielders. Scherzer, who has not given up a single earned run since the 21st of August, has seemingly taken to be a Dodger quite well. He has been seen having a good time in the dugout with his new teammates, and has been pitching like vintage Scherzer. Perhaps even better. 

In his eight starts for the Dodgers, he has posted a 0.88 ERA, with 72 K in 51 innings. He was recently named player of the week, and took a perfect game into the eighth inning in his last start.