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All of the sudden, Dodger superstar Mookie Betts is eyeing a return in the next couple of days. Earlier this week, manager Dave Roberts noted that the best-case-scenario for Betts was a return in "seven to ten days, definitely before the All-Star break". But during an in-game interview with Betts on Friday night, the superstar noted that he's eyeing a return as soon as Sunday.

When he does come back from the rib injury, he might not be plugged right back into right field according to Dave Roberts. Betts getting into the lineup as a DH appears to be a certainty, but Roberts also noted that Mookie could be slotted into the position he occasionally played early on in his baseball career.

“He’s been on record saying that he doesn’t really love the DH and he just doesn’t feel comfortable. So if there’s a way we can get him in the lineup, and if it’s second base then so be it and we will move pieces around.”

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In his career, Betts has played 23 big league games at second base, so it's not going to be like the time the Dodgers tried to put Joc Pederson at first base. In 2021, Betts played seven games there, some which were due to him once again managing an injury.

The Dodgers are at their best when Betts is in the lineup, and clearly, they're willing to get creative in order to get their best bat back into a lineup that on paper, should keep piling up wins.