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If you thought the Dodgers vs. Padres series could not get any more interesting, you would be wrong. On Wednesday night, Gavin Lux had to leave the game early after colliding with the wall while trying to make a big play during the 6th inning.

On Thursday before the Dodger's last game against the Padres, Dave Roberts spoke with the media and gave an update on how Lux was feeling. 

[Gavin is] sore, but in a lot better spot than we would have hoped or expected, so as far as availability, I would say to run or potentially take an at-bat late. 

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The last thing the Dodgers need before moving to the post-season is more injuries, so seeing a player leave the game early is not always promising. Lux has been a big part of the Dodgers, especially moving from the infield to the outfield. Even though they can go a few games without him, it is crucial that he stays healthy. 

Many were worried that the collision could have resulted in a serious neck injury, but Roberts gave reassurance that it was just a stinger. With that said, it looks like Lux will be just fine. This will keep him out of the lineup against the Padres, but he will still be available if the Dodgers end up needing help during tonight's game. 

The end of the regular season is coming up, so if you are looking to see more of the Dodgers, their final regular season game will be against the Brewers on Sunday, October 3rd, at Dodgers Stadium.