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Dodgers News: James Outman Explains Tough Misplay That Sent LA, Kershaw Spiraling

Outman's mistake was not ruled an error but could have been.

It wasn't the reason the Dodgers lost 11-2 to the Arizona Diamondbacks to open up the NLDS, but it sure didn't help.

Before Clayton Kershaw allowed six earned runs in a single inning and exited before the end of the first for the first time in his career, rookie center fielder James Outman made a critical error — although it was not ruled as such.

On Kershaw's second pitch of the game, Ketel Marte hit what should have been a line out to center field. As Outman lept to make the play, the ball bounced off of his glove, narrowly missing his right hand on the way to the ground for a double.

"It just hit the heel of my glove -- kind of got on my a little bit quicker than I was expecting it to and I just couldn't come up with it."

(Via SportsNet LA)

Outman has been reliable all season, committing just two errors in the outfield in 158 games played in the outfield this season. He suggested that the gravity of his first start in the playoffs could have affected his mind going into the play.

"I think my nerves kind of got the best of me. I was just a little tight that first inning and I didn’t set the tone very well for us," Outman said. "It's kind of like jumping into a cold pool. It's over now, so we'll move on to the next one."

(Via SportsNet LA)

Kershaw, who struggled mightily in his first — and possibly only — start of the postseason, did not hold Outman's mistake against him.

"There's no excuses [for me]. Regardless of anything that happened out there, I have to be better. That's just not acceptable."

(Via SportsNet LA)

Outman will have a chance for redemption when the Dodgers take on the Diamondbacks Monday at 6:07 p.m. PDT.