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Over the weekend, the official MLB twitter account put on a live Q&A with Dodgers All-Star pitcher Tony Gonsolin. Fans submitted various questions with the righty providing his on the spot answers. The questions ranged from his favorite athlete (Lionel Messi), his favorite cat breed (Maine Coon), and his pregame song choices.

The NL Cy Young contender was asked what his favorite stadium was besides Dodger Stadium. His answer, was a bit of a shocker and a rare one to hear from a hurler. 

“I kinda like Colorado. It’s a good atmosphere. Cool city, right in the middle of downtown. It’s kind of fun. That’s probably number one.” 

Coors Field is notoriously unkind to pitchers, both home and road hurlers. Whenever there's a game in Colorado, it's more likely than not that both pitchers aren't going to enjoy the experience.

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In four games in his career at Coors, Gonsolin owns a 3.71 ERA and a 1.11 WHIP which honestly, isn't too rough (relatively). Clayton Kershaw, one of the best pitchers of the last 30 years, has a career 4.82 ERA at Coors (26 starts). Maybe Tony just needs some more time at Coors to adjust his rankings.

Gonsolin also gave the Braves Truist Park a honorable mention.

"Atlanta is pretty cool, I don't usually pitch great there but, overall, the city is pretty cool."

Funnily enough, Gonsolin has a 1.86 ERA at Truist, but hey, shoutout to chasing perfection.

Either way, Gonsolin is on the short list of pitchers that enjoy Coors Field.