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To say the least, it's a critical off-season for the Dodgers. At least one long-time staple in the Los Angeles is already gone. And the lockout has prevented two Dodgers veterans from agreeing to new contracts. Could Gavin Lux become a thing of the past in Los Angeles this winter?

According to The Athletic's Fabian Ardaya, Lux is the most likely Dodger to be dealt prior to Opening Day. According to Ardaya, Lux simply lacks a position, especially with this roster. 

“The question is not about Gavin Lux’s talent, but more so about fit. The departure of Corey Seager appeared to open up second base for Lux once again, and maybe it still has. But the Dodgers re-signing Chris Taylor complicates things. While Taylor won’t necessarily be the everyday second baseman…he still will get a majority of those at-bats that otherwise would go to Lux.”

In 2021, the Dodgers deployed Lux in right field and third base, as Ardaya notes in his piece. In centerfield, the Wisconsin native showed glimpses of potential, but he still has a lot of work to do.

In 2021, Lux had a .692 OPS in 381 plate appearances at the plate. He has the potential to be another game-changing bat. Perhaps even an All-Star. It hasn't quite happened yet.

Ardaya closes by suggesting that selling Lux may end up providing the city of Los Angeles with the best return on investment.

“The Dodgers could look to continue expanding Lux’s defensive profile or possibly see what value there is for the former top prospect to try to address other parts of the roster.”

With the end of the lock-out (hopefully) coming to an end within the next two months, they could look to move their once top prospect.