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Dodgers Rumors: Cody Bellinger Might Be Heading to Canada to Continue His Career

Former Dodgers outfielder Cody Bellinger still has a chance to prove his worth
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With the Dodgers giving Cody Bellinger a non-tender, the former NL MVP now gets a chance to test the free agency market. This doesn't completely rule out a return to the Dodgers quite yet, but an MLB analyst sees Bellinger fitting for a new team. 

Bellinger is set to command some attention despite his struggles hitting for the past couple of seasons. His defensive plays in the outfield still puts enough respect to land him on a roster and being just 26 years old provides low risk on a contract. 

Among the new teams that may benefit from Bellinger is the Toronto Blue Jays (via MLB Network).

"I will be somewhat surprised if the Toronto Blue Jays don't sign either Bellinger or Brandon Nimmo. There's such a strong need for this team to get an athletic left handed center fielder and now you got these two guys on the market."

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The question remains of whether Bellinger will be worth the risk. If Bellinger can replicate anything close to his MVP days, a one year structure can be perfect for both sides. 

"There's a belief that with strengthening the shoulder and changing training the regiment that he's gotten around the shoulder joint that he can be closer to his production from his 2019 self. The virtue of him being so young is having the one year deal is appealing. Go out there and prove that you can still do it."

As much as the Dodgers probably want to bring Bellinger back, the patience has worn thin and now opens up the door to bring in another top free agent. It seems beneficial for both sides to have Bellinger walk.