Gambling: Odds of a 2020 Season Taking Place

Howard Cole

Will there be a 2020 Major League Baseball season? Your guess is as good mine. But I'm not in the professional gambling business, and online sportsbook is. And they're laying odds.

What follows is via the company's Monday afternoon press release:

The odds initially opened with "YES" as a -500 or 1/5 favorite, but betting action, possibly based on the news that owners are willing to cancel the season, has moved the odds.

Will there be an MLB regular season?

Yes -300
No +200

(Yes odds imply there is a 75% chance of season happening, down from 83.3% when odds were -500).

The sportsbook also has updated World Series, pennant and division odds here.

And win percentage odds for all 32 teams here.

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No. 1-2

I would guess it's not going to happen.

Mike J Lewis
Mike J Lewis

Owners need to crush the players, at least for this year. Unilaterally cancel the season. Make your announcement now.