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The Dodgers might be in a very challenging situation later this season. Pitcher Trevor Bauer is currently serving a 324-game suspension and missed almost 100 games last year while on administrative leave. Bauer is appealing his suspension and the hearing is set to begin this month.

If Bauer is able to reduce his suspension via the appeal process, the Dodgers will have some difficult decisions to make. Some people in the industry think there's a chance that the club might mull over the idea of cutting Bauer from the roster.

According to MLB's Jon Heyman, cutting Bauer is a likely possibility for LA. Even though the hurler has $60M remaining on his contract, Heyman doesn't think the Dodgers are willing to deal with the potential public blowback from Bauer taking the mound in Dodger blue. 

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“There is believed to be little support inside the Dodgers clubhouse for Bauer, a Dodger for a half-year before he agreed to what became the longest administrative leave in sports history. Even beyond the playing field … the Dodgers have two iconic sports stars with impeccable reputations, Magic Johnson and Billie Jean King, in decision-making roles, and understand an organization is more than statistics.”

Despite the fact that Bauer wasn't charged criminally, major league baseball still handed down the longest suspension since implementing a joint domestic violence policy. If the suspension is upheld, it would span the duration of Bauer's contract with the Dodgers.

According to one expert, Bauer's appeal process is expected to be a long process.