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I’m not sure which saying I should start this article with. I could say, “Be careful what you wish for.” I could say, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” I could take a page out of Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic’s book, and say, “Everybody acts tough when they’re up.”

Whatever the saying — and maybe you have an even better one — that’s how we can describe the Padres’ series loss to the Dodgers this weekend.

Following the Padres’ 5-2 win over the Dodgers on Friday in the first game of the series, San Diego decided to display a tasteless and immature photo of a crying Clayton Kershaw meme on their Jumbotron.

Kershaw didn’t have much to say about it, nor did Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. But it’s safe to assume the photo gave the Dodgers a little extra motivation the rest of the weekend.

The Dodgers ended up winning the final two games of the weekend, stealing the series from San Diego and sending the fans home unhappy.

After Sunday’s series-clinching win, Julio Urias, who started the game for the Dodgers, was asked about that Kershaw meme incident. He gave a perfect response to close the series out (per Juan Toribio of

“The ones who laugh last, laugh best.”

The Dodgers definitely got the last laugh in this one, as the Padres are now 0-2 since putting up that meme. It was immature to put the meme up in the first place, but it was even more shocking that they would do it after the first game of 13 between the teams this season. That’s what happens when a team has never been there before, though.

Urias was also asked about the budding rivalry between the two teams. He, like the Dodgers always do, continued to take the high road.

“That rivalry between us has been important,” Urias said. “They have a great team, we have a great team."

Of course, Julio has his own history with the Padres and their fan base. Last year he opened up to the LA Times and shared a story of fans in San Diego taunting him over his eye.

“I gave it to your team in the playoffs last year and I have a ring,” Urias said. “You guys don’t have anything. And that was with one eye. Imagine if I had two.”

So you know the left-hander is deliberate with any words he uses when it comes to that team down south.

The two great teams will meet again this weekend, this time at Dodger Stadium. We’ll see how the Padres fare in Los Angeles, in front of the fans who won’t be very happy to welcome them into their city.