Video: New Dodgers Mookie Betts and David Price Meet the Press

Howard Cole

If you are one of the lucky 50% of Southern Californians unaffected by the cable television blackout, you had a chance to watch Wednesday's big press conference at Chavez Ravine. New Dodgers Mookie Betts and David Price were introduced, and it was as uplifting a finish to an offseason in Los Angeles as I can recall.

What you didn't see was the behind-the-scenes; a media scrum with Betts after the formalities had concluded, and another one for Price. SI Inside the Dodgers contributor Michael Duarte was there, and throws in a little bonus coverage -- of the left and right field pavilions in renovation mode.

And remember, glove conquers all.

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K.D.F. 1974
K.D.F. 1974

It looks like this lineup with Mookie Betts in it will give NL pitching nightmare. Makes me almost want a DH Rule. Almost.