New Dodgers Video Talk Series, 'Between Three Palms' Debuts Today

Howard Cole

Behold "Between Three Palms," ladies and gentlemen. It's like "Between Two Ferns," only about baseball. And less funny.

Tom Wilson, a documentary filmmaker in Los Angeles, nearly-world famous for  "Moneyball Too" and the YouTube series "Dodger Fan Weekly," serves as host and producer of the new talk series. Howard Cole, infamous for his anti-bunt stance and serial use of the term "Frisco" regarding all things Giants, handles analysis and interviews guests.

The plan is to post episodes weekly, while additionally reacting to events as they occur in Dodgers-land and around the league. We'll take Howard's "Dodgers Emailbag" from the old publication and plop it into BTP. 

If you're new here, "three palms" is an affectionate nod to the beloved Three Sisters palm trees of Dodger Stadium, last seen (prior to the stadium renovations) behind the home team's bullpen. We're confident they'll return by the religious holiday that is Opening Day.

If there's a topic you want covered, gimme a holler. I'm always available. 

OK, sports fans, here we go with Episode 1 of "Between Three Palms."

And remember, glove conquers all.

Howard Cole has been writing about the Dodgers since Y2K. Follow him on Twitter.