No matter how bad the baseball indiscretion -- and this kind of cheating is a really really bad one -- I do not think that the headhunting of Astros players in 2020 is the right way to handle it. And it's more likely to lead to suspensions and injuries of key players than satisfy any thirst for revenge.

But look, I get it. Houston is a god-awful mess of a franchise and as clueless as can possibly be. The commissioner hasn't helped matters a lick. But all the plunking of Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa in the world isn't going to take that World Series championship away. That's up to Rob piece-of-metal Manfred.

On the other hand, c'mon. The online gambling company,, is laying Astros HBP odds, and it's pretty damn funny. High fives for creativity all around. I wish I'd thought of it myself. 

Here's how they described the idea, quoted directly from the press release:

Over the weekend, Dusty Baker pleaded to the league to take measures against potential premeditated retaliation against Houston Astros hitters in wake of the sign-stealing scandal.

Naturally, that prompted the oddsmakers to predict what might happen on the "unwritten rules" side of baseball this season. The below prop bets come courtesy of

MLB odds are subject to change and you can find current odds here:  If you are able to use any of this in your publication, a link back to the site is always appreciated.

How many times will Alex Bregman be hit by pitch during 2020 reg. season?Over 10.5. Under 10.5.

Which Astros player will record most HBP during 2020 reg. season?

Alex Bregman +100. George Springer +200. Jose Altuve +300. Carlos Correa +350.

Will Astros lead the league in HBP during 2020 reg. season? Yes -120. No -120.

How many Astros players will charge the mound during 2020 reg. season? Over 1.5. Under 1.5.