Video: Dave Roberts, Andrew Friedman on 2020 Dodgers, Baseball Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Howard Cole

With Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association having put their differences aside for the time being, and the Dodgers just days away from reporting to Spring Training 2.0, the club made manager Dave Roberts and President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman available to the media this afternoon via Zoom.

The questions were asked and answered about how you'd expect them to be, with an emphasis on MLB's health protocols and how the coronavirus may affect players and staff. 

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Most importantly, Roberts, who is a Hodgkin Lymphoma survivor, was asked about his level of comfort participating at this time. He answered thoughtfully, and didn't seem to be overly concerned about the risk he might be under, which the medical professionals have told him is minimally greater than anyone else's.

Andrew Friedman handled most of the roster-related questions, repeating that management will continue to bone up on the specifics of the health protocols, with roster construction a work in progress. He wasn't prepared to name the players who have been infected, or note who, if anyone, may be contemplating sitting out the season (players who are considered high-risk or have a loved one who is may sit out, with pay, as agreed upon by the league and union during negotiatons).

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Notably, both men were asked how they felt about facing the Astros, which, with the this-year-only realignment calling for the Dodgers to play their traditional National League West rivals and American League West teams, is a thing now. Roberts and Friedman answered diplomatically, after what Orange County Register writer referred to as a "pregnant pause" to ponder an answer. It was funny. Watch the video and see for yourself.

And remember, glove conquers all.

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Perhaps utilizing experienced Minor League pitchers who had success last season in holding the score in extra innings could be a good strategy for the club to employ this season.