MLB Writer Blasts San Francisco Giants For Going From 'Winners' To 'Losers'

The San Francisco Giants offseason signings haven't been what they had hoped for so far.
Apr 19, 2024; San Francisco, California, USA;  San Francisco Giants pitcher Blake Snell (7) reacts after walking an Arizona Diamondbacks batter during the fourth inning at Oracle Park.
Apr 19, 2024; San Francisco, California, USA; San Francisco Giants pitcher Blake Snell (7) reacts after walking an Arizona Diamondbacks batter during the fourth inning at Oracle Park. / John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports
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The San Francisco Giants are still alive in the Wild Card race, but this team hasn't lived up to some of the offseason expectations that were set.

Kerry Miller of Bleacher Report revisited some of the teams that were deemed 'winners' of the offseason and decided that San Francisco has turned themselves into 'losers' throughout the season.

While not everyone has been bad, Miller reduced them to 'consolation prizes' to go with some 'awful' players.

Blake Snell was the biggest addition in the offseason and has also been the biggest whiff.

He's already had two different stints on the IL and has performed poorly when he has pitched.

Through six starts, he has an ERA of 9.51 and WHIP of 1.944. He has flashed the ability of the pitcher that they signed, but each of his starts have ended up falling apart.

Batters are slashing .308/.395/.500 against him. It's impossible to find success as a pitcher if that's what you're giving up.

This may be a one-year deal despite intially being signed as a two-year contract. The southpaw could opt-out after this season and search for a new home. If thing don't turn around, it wouldn't be surprising to see him on his way out.

There's also a risk that he could struggle to find a deal that he likes, much like this past offseason, so he may just ride out the deal and hope for better results next season.

The other big failed signing to this point has been Jorge Soler. It was a three-year/$42 million contract, hoping to capitalize on the success he had with the Miami Marlins a year ago.

The 32-year-old is starting to turn things around, but has really struggled for most of the season. Over the past two weeks, he's slashing .286/.375/.381. His batting average has hovered closer to .200 for most of the year but has improved to .219 entering Sunday.

If he can continue closer to his recent slashing line, the Giants can be happier about their signing.

Matt Chapman started the season out slowly, but has turned things around to look more like the player that they had hoped for.

The 31-year-old was a large reason that the season turned around from the ugly start and injury troubles, to now being in the fight for a Wild Card spot.

Jordan Hicks has also been one that's worked out. He was a career flame-throwing relief pitcher that has switched to a starter with a weaker fastball, but it has proven to not hurt his game.

Jung Hoo Lee flashed in his rookie campaign, but unfortunately had it ended early due to injury. This looks like a solid signing.

Robbie Ray is the final major addition and he has yet to play because of injury. He will be a welcome addition to a rocky bullpen when he finally debuts.

The offseason moves have started to look a bit better over the last few weeks, but it still hasn't been what the front office wanted.

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