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With reports indicating that Kevin Durant may seek a departure from Brooklyn should Kyrie Irving go elsewhere, betting odds on the superstar forward's next team have already been released. These odds are of course only relevant should Durant leave the Nets, but in that event, BetOnline has the LA Clippers ranked 5th likeliest to land KD.

Coming in behind only the Miami Heat, Memphis Grizzles, Atlanta Hawks, and Phoenix Suns, the Clippers have the 5th best odds to land KD if he were to leave the Brooklyn Nets. A lot of different factors go into these betting odds, one of which being the actual ability a certain team has to facilitate such a deal. For the Clippers, there are some potential packages that could make sense for the Brooklyn Nets, but unless the situation actually gets to a point where Durant is indeed made available, such hypotheticals aren't worth exploring.

For now, it is interesting to see the teams listed as potential favorites to land Durant if he were to leave the Nets. With the Knicks, Blazers, Thunder, Lakers, and Warriors rounding out 6-10, BetOnline seems to be considering several factors when developing their odds. As previously mentioned, one of these is the ability of certain teams to construct a trade package; however, basketball logic may not always be the primary driving force behind betting odds such as these. That said, it is not relatively surprising to see the Clippers near the top of this list. 

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