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Patrick Beverley Says He Received 'No Smoke' From Suns Players After Shoving DeAndre Ayton

Former LA Clippers guard and current Los Angeles Lakers guard Patrick Beverley doesn't like the Phoenix Suns
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When Patrick Beverley shoved Chris Paul in his last game with the LA Clippers, it was clear he did not like the Phoenix Suns. He made that even more clear during the summer, speaking negatively about the Suns on numerous ESPN segments. Recently shoving Suns big man DeAndre Ayton, Beverley was suspended three games. When asked about the incident, Beverley said he was able to go out in Phoenix with no issues from the Suns players he ran into.

"I went out in Phoenix," Beverley said. "I've seen Phoenix Suns. They didn’t say anything to me… I went out in Phoenix. I bumped into several Suns players. No smoke."

Beverley was not approached by any Suns players on the court, and says he was not approached by any of them off the court either. Beverley talked extensively about the incident, calling it an unfortunate situation, but adding that he did what he needed to do in order to defend his teammate.

After smacking Austin Reaves in the face, Devin Booker stood over the Lakers guard, and was soon joined by DeAndre Ayton who did the same. This type of behavior was understandably upsetting for the Lakers, and Beverley felt it was necessary that he defend his teammate. Reaves did nothing wrong, and was on the receiving end of a flagrant foul, yet it was him who got stood over by Ayton and Booker.

According to Beverley, there was "no smoke" from any Suns players after the incident.

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