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Report: Clippers Looking to Improve Roster Before Trade Deadline

The Clippers are reportedly not done making moves.

The LA Clippers were supposed to be one of the best teams in the NBA this season, with one of the highest odds of winning the championship. They haven't been a bad team so far, but they have not been great - Kawhi Leonard and Paul George continue another season of not being available. As such, the team may make some moves.

According to a report from ESPN's Brian Windhorst, the LA Clippers are looking to improve their roster ahead of the February 9 trade deadline. The team already has a $335 million payroll that also contains more than $140 million in luxury tax.

It's hard to tell how exactly the Clippers could improve their current roster. They're already one of the deepest teams in the league that's managed to currently be in the 5th seed, despite barely having their best players available. The biggest thing the Clippers need more than anything is health, and if their best players can never remain healthy, a decision has to be made about moving on at some point. 

In terms of marginal improvements the Clippers could make, the team could definitely use a backup center. Their small ball lineups don't necessarily work when Kawhi Leonard and Paul George aren't available. Having a solid backup center would be pivotal in fixing some of the team's second-quarter woes.

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