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Former Lakers Champion Accuses LeBron James of Breaking NBA Rule

What a day it's been.

If you haven't been online all day, then you've missed quite the day in the NBA world. Friday morning, Kyrie Irving shockingly requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets, just six days before the NBA's February 9 deadline.

The Lakers, of course, are among the teams reportedly interested in Irving, and it was reported that he's interested in playing in LA, too.

While we don't have any concrete details of the sides talking yet, Lakers superstar LeBron James made sure to somewhat share his thoughts on the rumors, with a cryptic tweet of the eye emoji and the crown emoji.

His former teammate, Kyle Kuzma, made sure to get in the comment section of that tweet, trying to spotlight the potential tampering in LeBron's post.

The Nets have just six days to try to work out a deal for Irving, who doesn't want to sign long-term in Brooklyn. The Lakers should be at the forefront of teams trying to make a deal happen, and could propose one of these three trades.

The NBA's trade deadline has been extremely quiet thus far, outside of the Lakers' move for Rui Hachimura. The Irving news is sure to make things much more interesting.