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Jordan Zion 2 Release Announced

Jordan Brand announced the debut of its Zion 2 shoes.

Nike officially announced that the Jordan Zion 2 shoe would debut in North American stores on June 22. The first shoe to debut will be the Voodoo colorway, followed by the Hope Diamond colorway on June 30. This shoe's marketing campaign is "Nobody built like you, you design yourself." Borrowing from Jay-Z's "A Dream" lyrics. The shoe will include an updated Zion logo.

Zion gave us a sneak peek of the shoes in April during his pre-game workout before the Pelicans vs. Phoenix NBA playoffs game. He would continue to wear them during practices and on the bench at the games. Now they are officially set to release.

Zion Williamson
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The new shoe maximizes not only the skill set of a player like Zion but also his personality. Compared to the last, changes made in this generation are a more dedicated focus on the heel. 

The shoe will have 20% more "Zoom Air," leading to a more comfortable landing on the heel following an explosive dunk. Unlike the previous version, this year's model also includes a forefoot strap that works in unison with the lacing system for added support. 

The Gen 1 sneaker had seven colorways and an exclusive coloration with the popular Anime Naruto. This sneaker will get the same treatment as fans will be able to choose from myriad color options and designs when it's all said and done. 

Zion's marketability will only continue to rise with these shoe releases. As he returns healthy from injury next season, he's hoping his on-the-court popularity will match the one-off. 

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