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The Golden State Warriors made quick work of the Denver Nuggets during the 2022 NBA Playoffs, despite Steph Curry coming off the bench for most of the series. Following his return from injury, Steph was used in limited minutes off the bench for most of the series; however, he still put up dominant numbers.

This was the first series where Steph pulled out his now famous "Night Night" celebration; however, it was actually used before many fans were aware. Before scoring a game-clinching basket, which was followed by a "Night Night" celebration, Steph could actually be seen pulling out the celebration before the play even started:

This was an incredible find by Joe Viray, who covers the Warriors as a writer and analyst. While everyone saw Steph's celebration after the basket, few noticed that he actually flashed it towards the bench before the play even began. This is the type of confidence that NBA legends like Michael Jordan are revered for, and while Steph is not always covered in that way, he has similar tenacity.

The Warriors would of course go on to win this game, series, and ultimately the NBA Championship. Adding to what was already an all-time great resume, Steph acquired his first Finals MVP award. On his way there, he went through the league MVP Nikola Jokic, who he put to sleep before scoring this game-clinching basket.

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