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49ers are Retracing Their Steps From 2013 Playoff Run

The playoff run that the 49ers are currently on has an uncanny resemblance to their 2013 run.

Déjà vu, anyone?

History is repeating itself for the San Francisco 49ers.

The playoff run that they are on right now has an uncanny resemblance to that of 2013. 

Both 49ers squads from that season and right now earned a Wild Card berth. And the way that their playoff matchups played out have had a similar look/feel to it. 

For starters, the 49ers had to face the Packers in both playoff runs in Lambeau Field. What is bizarre about both matchups is the similar way the game played out. It ended up with a 49ers victory by three points in both games. In 2013 it was 23-20, while it was 13-10 this past Saturday. To make things even weirder, both games led to the 49ers winning via field goal.

The 2013 game saw Colin Kaepernick have an 11 yard run on third-and-8 from the 38 yard line to set up Phil Dawson for the game-winning field goal. Saturday night's game saw Deebo Samuel have a nine yard run on third-and-7 from the 38 yard line to set up Robbie Gould for the game-winning field goal. 

It is absolutely nuts to think of the similarities of both games. The only difference is the round of the playoffs that these games were played in. 2013 it was in the Wild Card round, while 2021 was the Divisional round. Still, a wild sight to see play out.

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Even the 2013 Divisional round game against the Panthers was similar to the 2021 Wild Card game against the Cowboys. These games were essentially cakewalk wins for the 49ers. So both playoff runs saw down to the wire wins over the Packers and a convincing win over the previous or next opponent.

Now, they get to return to the NFC Championship game where they will face their top NFC West rival. At the time in 2013, it was the Seahawks who were the top rival. This time it is the Rams who are the 49ers' top division rival. You cannot make this up.

The 49ers are retracing their steps from their 2013 playoff run.

Only this time, the 49ers will look for better results than 2013. Facing the Seahawks in Seattle wasn't for the soft-hearted. That was such a physically imposing game that you could feel the hits through your television screen. San Francisco would end up losing in that game on a Colin Kaepernick interception that was tipped by Richard Sherman. And every 49ers fan recalls that infamous moment and what would ensue after.

This time around, the 49ers are poised to advance to the Super Bowl. If history is to repeat itself, then it will say that the 49ers will beat the Rams. When the Seahawks had advanced, it wasn't too shocking considering they have had the upper hand on the 49ers for a couple seasons leading up to that game.

San Francisco has OWNED Los Angeles since 2019. They easily have the Rams' number and it is tough to envision that changing come Sunday at SoFi Stadium. The 49ers are retracing their steps from 2013, but will begin to carve out a new storybook ending for themselves.

One that has them hoisting the Lombardi Trophy instead of wallowing in agony from a conference game loss.