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Top Potential Landing Spots for Tom Brady in 2023

Bucs' quarterback, Tom Brady, could be looking for a new home come the 2023 NFL season.

Tom Brady, 45, is going to have decisions to make at the end of the 2022 NFL season. After retiring this past offseason and then un-retiring not 2 months later, it is hard to imagine Brady coming back just for one year - especially with how the season has played out so far for himself and the Bucs.

It is only the second time in Brady's career that he will be able to test NFL free agency, and as reported by Tom Pelissero and Ian Rapoport, sources close to the future Hall of Fame quarterback have stated that Brady has "all options on the table" when it comes to what his next steps are.

Brady could decide to run off into the Tampa Bay sunset with his record-breaking broadcasting gig with FOX, stay with the Buccaneers and hope they once again put all their chips on the table to bring Brady whoever/whatever he wants, or he could decide that his time in Tampa has run its course and move onto another team with hopes of making a Super Bowl run.

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With literally "all options on the table", Alex Kay of Bleacher Report released the top landing spots for Brady should he decide to return to action for the 2023 NFL season... 

San Francisco 49ers

Perhaps the most talked about and likely outcome for Brady, if he wants to move onto another team, is the San Francisco 49ers. Not only would this give Brady the opportunity to play for his hometown team, but it would also be a tremendous landing spot given the 49ers' deep, talented roster amidst their own quarterback concerns.

Per Kay, "Brady reportedly desired to sign with his hometown team before choosing the Buccaneers in 2020 and has watched the 49ers consistently contend under head coach Kyle Shanahan despite the team's issues under center and injury problems."

"Given the 49ers' quarterback woes this season, Brady should be welcomed with open arms if he wanted to ply his trade there next year. San Francisco is currently starting Brock Purdy, the Mr. Irrelevant of the 2022 draft, after both Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo—Brady's former backup—went down with injuries."

"Given the inconsistent play of Lance during his limited time as the team's QB1, it's conceivable that the Niners wouldn't want to make the mistake of passing on Brady for a second time and bring him in to make a Super Bowl run."

New York Giants

The most surprising team to pop up while trying to navigate where Brady could possibly end up would definitely be the New York Giants. The Giants have always seemed to be Brady's kryptonite during his time in New England with the Patriots. However, with things trending upward with new head coach, Brian Daboll, the Giants could look to make a splash move as they dump Daniel Jones for the more proven all-time great Brady.

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Per Kay, "After hiring a promising head coach in Brian Daboll and constructing a competitive roster under general manager Joe Schoen, the Giants have bounced back from a dismal 4-13 season to become a legitimate playoff contender."

"While the G-Men may have a promising 7-5-1 record, though, the team will likely struggle to compete for a championship due to its lack of offensive upside."

"The inconsistent play of quarterback Daniel Jones has held the Giants back, but with the 25-year-old set to hit free agency this upcoming offseason, the team may have an opportunity to upgrade to Brady."

"Even if he isn't the long-term solution New York has been seeking since the retirement of former nemesis Eli Manning, Brady is a perfect stopgap who would have the Giants competing for Super Bowls as long as he remains in the Big Apple."

New England Patriots

Ahh, yes, bringing it back to where it all began. Brady. Belichick. Not much more needs to be said. A reunion for Brady to return to his old stomping grounds would be less shocking than most think. Even with all the rumors regarding Brady's relationship with the coaching staff and front office, there still is an abundance of respect amongst them. For Brady, this would be the penultimate ending to his career if he was able to go back to the team that drafted him 199th overall and won 6 Super Bowl rings with.

Per Kay, "Reports have been surfacing that Brady is reportedly interested in coming back for one more go with his longtime employer. The Athletic's Jeff Howe pointed out that Brady and Belichick "still have an abundance of respect for one another" and noted that New England will have over $50 million in cap space next season." 

"Howe believes Jones wouldn't even need to be dealt if the Patriots did bring Brady back. The team could keep the young quarterback under contract until 2025 and have him learn from the greatest of all time."

"It's a win-win scenario that would set up the Patriots to not only become an immediate contender but could also result in long-term success if Jones is able to lift his game with Brady as his mentor."

The biggest question for the Patriots would be the willingness of recently drafted quarterback, Mac Jones, to remain on the roster and sit as the backup to Tom Brady in the hopes that the latter can bring them another Super Bowl. After playing pretty well since he came into the league, it would be hard to say that Jones wouldn't be upset with the notion that the team is deciding to run it back with Tom Brady.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Lo and behold, Brady could always decide that he wants to stay put in Tampa Bay and put his trust in the organization to get him whatever he needs to make another Super Bowl run by whatever means necessary. After such a tumultuous season in 2022, the Bucs will have to make decisions that will be tough considering their current position. They went all in to get Brady three years ago, but can they do it again?

Per Kay, "While much of the personnel has changed following that impressive run to a Lombardi Trophy, and Bruce Arians has since retired from coaching, the Bucs remain a contender thanks to the prowess of their signal-caller."

"Although Tampa is undergoing a trying campaign marred by injury and inconsistency, the team still has a nucleus capable of raising another banner."

"Brady showed he could still pull off magnificent comebacks in key moments when he erased a 13-point deficit in the waning minutes of a primetime matchup with the rival New Orleans Saints two weeks ago. It makes Tampa a foe few will want to see during the postseason."

"If the Buccaneers manage to win it all, it seems most conceivable that Brady would opt to end his career on a high note. If the club comes up short again in the playoffs, the quarterback could re-sign in Tampa with a chance to avenge that defeat in 2023."

Brady will have every option at his disposal. He could ultimately retire and say enough is enough or continue to play into his late 40s for another team or remain with the Buccaneers in search of his 8th Lombardi Trophy. With plenty to think about as we head towards the end of the regular season, these scenarios will have to wait till we see what the Buccaneers are able to do if they indeed are able to make the playoffs.

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