Does the Chiefs' New Super Bowl Ring Have a Typo? What Did Taylor Swift Say? - Chiefs Ring Ceremony Takeaways

The Chiefs received their Super Bowl LVIII championship rings on Thursday night, but the rings appear to have a typo, and Taylor Swift was excited for one player in particular as he returns for 2024.
The Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl LVIII championship ring, featuring 529 diamonds and 38 rubies. Graphic courtesy of Jostens and the Kansas City Chiefs.
The Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl LVIII championship ring, featuring 529 diamonds and 38 rubies. Graphic courtesy of Jostens and the Kansas City Chiefs. / Jostens/Kansas City Chiefs
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The Kansas City Chiefs received their Super Bowl LVIII rings on Thursday night, revealing their back-to-back hardware for the first time. As the 2023 team reunited in Kansas City to get their rings, covered in diamonds and rubies, it was the inside of the ring that caught the attention of fans on social media.

I didn't notice the issue until Twitter/X user "MVPatty15" posted about it in the replies to the ring's details: "Tell me I'm wrong and that they didn't mess up the Dolphins playoff seed..."

They have a point. On the renderings of the rings, the Chiefs' final scores throughout the playoffs are listed in the interior, along with KC's opponents and their playoff seeding. The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens were the No. 1 seeds in their respective conferences. The Buffalo Bills were the No. 2 seed. The Miami Dolphins were the AFC's No. 6 seed. ...The Chiefs' ring, at least in the renderings, has a "[7]" next to Miami's initials.

The error also appears in the video released by Jostens, the manufacturer of the rings.

It's on the inside of the ring, most people (myself included) didn't notice until it was pointed out, and I would imagine the ring's recipients care more about the jewels and the accomplishment than they do an internal typo, but if it is on the actual rings themselves it's an embarrassing mistake on a very expensive piece of jewelery.

Taylor Swift is a Mecole Hardman superfan?

It's Friday and the offseason is really quieting down as the NFL takes a break before returning for training camp later this summer. Have some fun.

...Are we living in a simulation?

Taylor Swift (international superstar, Travis Kelce's significant other, perhaps the most famous woman on earth, etc.) was keeping up with the Chiefs' ring ceremony like the rest of Chiefs Kingdom: watching streams on Instagram Live.
Swift was following the festivities from the IG Live stream of Mecole Hardman's partner, Chariah Gordon, despite being in a very different time zone — watching live from Liverpool, England.

As has been the case for so much of Swift's collision with the Chiefs (and the NFL world in general), I found the whole interaction to be hilarious, wholesome, surreal fun. Swift's string of comments could have blended in seamlessly with any other proud significant other or excited Chiefs fan. This particular person just may have the economic impact of a small government and occasionally has to be moved from location to location inside big boxes so she doesn't get mobbed by fans.

Among all of her comments, none were funnier to me than, "AND WE GET ANOTHER YEAR OF MECOLE 👑." Hardman has been a useful player in his time with the Chiefs and caught the walk-off touchdown in the Super Bowl, but his free agent market has been minimal for two consecutive offseasons and his latest return to KC wasn't met with a lot of excitement from most Chiefs fans. With another one-year deal, his third Super Bowl ring and the endorsement of perhaps the world's biggest entertainment star, Hardman seems to have the support of all the right people.

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