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WATCH: Who's The 'Sweet Spot' of Commanders QB Search?

The Washington Commanders need to impress fast, and the first step is to find a quarterback

The Washington Commanders are like a shiny, new toy. New name, new uniforms, new outlook on the field, and quite possibly a new quarterback. 

Commanders fans would like to be proud of that new toy and show it off as often as possible. For that to happen, they need a new signal caller.


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ESPN's John Keim pointed out that this year's roster might be better equipped than last year's was to bring in a new pair of hands under center.

As Keim points out, team management believes it's in a better place in 2022 than it was in 2021 to introduce an upper-tier quarterback to the squad.

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Washington made a run at Detroit's Matthew Stafford, offering a first and third-round pick before ultimately losing out to the Rams. In last year's NFL Draft, the organization tried to move up to select Justin Fields, but couldn't close the deal.

After just a seven-win season, general manager Martin Mayhew described the team's quarterback search as "selectively aggressive."

Keim also wrote that while the Commanders will be watching for the availability of quarterbacks of all levels, possibly including names such as Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, and Russell Wilson, it's likely that someone like Derek Carr would be more realistic. 

However, he added that the Commanders' quarterback "sweet spot" might be San Francisco's Jimmy Garoppolo as he enters the final year of his somewhat affordable contract.

Coach Ron Rivera is confident that the other required pieces are already in place to upgrade at the quarterback position, “Our personnel is more than good enough… I believe in our team. I believe in what we can be”.