Could Dak Prescott really be in line for $70M APY in next contract?

Dak Prescott continues to wait for a contract extension, and the price for the Dallas Cowboys quarterback continues to rise. One NFL agent suggests the star signal-caller's value cold be an astronomical $65-70M APY.
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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is in line for a blockbuster contract extension.

After Jared Goff and the Detroit Lions agreed to a massive four-year, $212 million contract with $170 million guaranteed, the pressure for the Cowboys to get a deal done has significantly increased.

One NFL agent noted Prescott's "insane leverage" over the Cowboys, and another threw out an astronomical number for what his value may be.

The agent spoke to and said Prescott's value could be between a whopping $65 million to $70 million per year. Yes, you read that number correctly. There is a belief in NFL circles that the Cowboys star signal-caller could demand between $65 million and $70 million APY on his new deal.

"All Goff’s deal does is screw the Cowboys even more," the agent said.

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Goff's new deal in Detroit pays him $53 million APY, which is the second-highest in the NFL behind only Cincinnati Bengals star Joe Burrow.

If Prescott could really land a contract in the number that is being suggested, there is no reason for him to rush to sign a deal. Of course, he runs the risk of injury or another disappointing run, but it's clear that there will be a market for him if he is not locked up by the end of the season.

Prescott wisely has a no-trade, no-tag clause in his contract, so if a deal is not reached by the end of the season, he will hit the open market.

Last season, Prescott had one of the best seasons of his career. He threw for 4,516 yards, an NFL-leading 36 touchdowns, and nine interceptions. The effort earned Prescott second-team All-Pro honors and a nod to the third Pro Bowl of his career.

He has shown that he is among the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and now it is only a matter of time until he is paid like one.

It looks like waiting to get a deal done was a major miscalculation by Jerry and Stephen Jones, and now the team may have to scramble if it wants to make things right.

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