Former NFL WR destroys Jalen Hurts while praising Dak Prescott

Former NFL wide receiver and Super Bowl Champion James Jones delivered a shocking response to the Dak Prescott and Jalen Hurts debate.
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Former NFL wide receiver and Super Bowl Champion James Jones, who is an analyst on FOX Sports 1's Speak, sparked controversy with his comments on the Dak Prescott versus Jalen Hurts debate.

Jones was passionate in his response, saying, "Are we talking about the player or we talking the team success? There is nothing that Jalen Hurts does better than Dak Prescott at the quarterback spot but the read option."


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This statement alone should entertain Cowboys fans and rile up Eagles fans, but Jones did not stop there.

Jones went on to say, "He don't throw better than him, he don't throw with anticipation better than him. I mean this dude had 5,000 yards last year, led the NFL in touchdown passes, there is nothing that Jalen Hurts except running the read option and maybe the tush push that he does better than Dak Prescott."

Given the historic rivalry with the Cowboys, this is a strong statement coming from the former Green Bay Packer. There aren't too many former Packers players who would applaud the performance of a Cowboy.

However, when comparing their passing numbers, it is hard to disagree with Jones.

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