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New York Giants Mailbag: The "Regrets" Edition

Let's check in with the Giants fans to see what's on their minds.

If you'd like to submit a question for the mailbag, please send it to or post it in our new forum, (free registration required) under Reader Mailbag Questions. We reserve the right to edit letters for clarity and conciseness.

From Nelly: Golden Tate made comments last month regarding the Giant’s conditioning being “a little bit too much” and that “guys started getting soft-tissue injuries” because of it. I’ve never seen such a decimated Giants team. Do you think there is any credence to what Tate said about Judge’s over-conditioning?

What's good, Nelly? I don't have all the facts regarding what the players are being asked to do before and after practice regarding their conditioning since we're not admitted until the final warmups. Then we're kicked out until after everything is done (plus, we're not allowed in the building except for the media workroom.

That said, I do believe that if one overstrains, they stand to leave their ligaments a bit more vulnerable to strains and tears.

I've made this comparison before on the show, but it's like a rubber band. If you constantly stretch the rubber band, eventually, it's either going to tear or snap unless you keep it lubricated. So I do think there could be something to how they're training.

I get what Joe Judge is trying to do as far as conditioning--he doesn't want the players to be on the field in the fourth quarter with their tongues hanging out, dragging from exhaustion.

However--and I can't stress this enough when I say I'm not a doctor nor a physical trainer-- I do not believe there should be a one-size-fits-all type of conditioning for every member of the team.

For example, receivers are going to do a lot more running than offensive linemen in practice. So why should receivers be asked to do the same amount of wind sprints after a practice? It makes no sense, and, as I noted above, using my rubber band example, it can leave their hamstrings susceptible to overtraining.

From Billy P. - I don't think people understand and comprehend how stunning the magnitude of DG's tenure with the Giants is. 16-38, a .296 winning percentage is seldom achieved in professional sports.

Do you have any names you would like to see mentioned as the next GM?

What's up, Billy? I think you're selling people short. It's clear the Giants' tenure under Dave Gettleman hasn't been successful given the record. I'll be discussing on an upcoming podcast the three biggest miscalculations in Gettleman's tenure. I also suspect Dave overvalued the talent he assembles--what's that old saying about turning a blind eye to the warts of the ones you love?

I think Dave tried his best; I do. I saw his logic in some of the moves he made in the past, even if I disagreed with them. This team needs some fresh, forward-thinking from outside the organization to steer it forward. While I don't have a specific name in mind if the Giants and Gettleman do mutually part ways after this year as I suspect they will, I hope the Mara and Tisch families go outside of the building for their next general manager.

From Pat R. Any thoughts on how they can chip away on their 2022 salary cap problem?


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Natrell Jamerson

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What's good, Pat? The Giants will have to attack as many of the top 10 highest contracts on their cap that do not have guaranteed money owed to the player in 2022 as they can.

Two contracts that come to mind as being vulnerable are James Bradberry's and Sterling Shepard's. I just don't see the Giants carrying either of those two deals next year. I could also see them looking to rework Leonard Williams' deal, but on a glance, I think they'd only save about $4 million in the process.

At some point, I'm going to go into a deeper breakdown of all this, but those are the moves that come to mind.

From Joe G. It is obvious the Giants MUST make a change at OC, play-caller. They probably would like to wait till the bye. Do you think the Giants can wait that long to make the change, or should they change now?

Joe, I think if a change is coming, they wait until after the bye week. Also, for what it's worth, coach Gene Clemons, in his podcast appearance with me (very first question, if I recall correctly), made a great point.

He said we were praising the play of Daniel Jones, Kadarius Toney, and others who just so happen to be playing in the very same system we're questioning now. 

That's not to say Garrett can't be better at what he's doing (again, I refer you to Coach Gene's thoughts--the man was outstanding and spot on with his ideas to fix things). Still, at this point, I think it's unrealistic to expect that even if a change is made, the scheme will end up being that much different than what it currently is.

From Joe T.: Is there any update on Isaiah Wilson's progress. And when can we expect to see him get some game snaps?

What's good, Joe? As you probably know, Wilson missed one day of practice this week due to a stomach bug. But even before then, this is a guy they were trying to get into football shape while also getting him up to speed on how they do things around the facility.

I think to expect to see Wilson any time before the bye week isn't reasonable. I think if I had to take a guess, we probably won't see him called up until late next month unless there is a rash of injuries that forces their hand.

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