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Giants Head Coach Joe Judge Vows Things Will Get Better

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge isn't a happy man these days after watching his team embarrass itself against the Los Angeles Rams.

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge is well aware of and understands the frustrations of the team's fan base and is determined to do something about it.

"This is definitely going to get better," he said Monday. "I don’t know what kind of guarantee (the fans) want, but I can assure everyone out there that’s a Giants fan and they want to know when it’s going to turn. I can tell them right now we’re working tirelessly to make sure we get this thing turned around in the right direction, not just for short-term results, but for long-term success."

Judge has pledged hard work and the processes the team has implemented under his direction as a recipe for success. However, so far, it's yielded just seven wins in 22 games, not a very reassuring development for a Giants fan base that has only seen one successful playoff berth since the 2011 team that was honored at halftime Sunday won the Super Bowl.

But Judge, who said there are no plans (yet) to change the play-calling duties of any of his coordinators, will be locked in this week on taking note of which players come ready to work to do whatever needs to be done to help turn this ship around.

Those who do will see the field Sunday when the Giants host the Carolina Panthers. And those who don't will get to be a part of whatever crowd shows up at the game.  

"I’ll say that this week of practice will determine a lot, to see how guys come out and perform in practice and execute and compete," he said. "How you practice is going to have a large impact on how much you do play."

Judge was asked about the effort from his players in Sunday's loss to the Rams, where at times it looked as though certain players were mailing it in.

"On the whole, I saw the reaction the right way," Judge said. "However, the things I didn’t like in the second half or the first half for that matter we’ll fully address to the team as a whole and independently."

As expected, Judge wouldn't identify those players whose effort didn't meet his expectations, but he reiterated that moving forward if a player wants to be a part of things, he will have to prove it to the staff in practice.

"I’d just make the point that we’re going to play the most productive players, the players that play the right way, the players that play the way we want to play effort-wise and competitive-wise for 60 minutes, the players that are the most productive. Those will be the guys you’ll see on the field."

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