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Buy or Sell: Matt Patricia Will Be Fired Prior to End of 2020 Season

Will "The Patriot Way" last until the end of the 2020 NFL season?
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All too often, NFL coaches do not get the proper amount of time to establish their culture, bring in their players and to accomplish any tangible goals they had set out to accomplish. 

“Well, I mean, obviously, it means the world to me,” Matt Patricia expressed about being able to return in 2020. “I appreciate Mrs. Ford and her family so much and Rod (Wood) and Bob (Quinn) and everything that we’re trying to do here, and what we’re trying to accomplish and where we’re trying to lead this organization.”


For Patricia and the Detroit Lions, year No. 3 must produce tangible results, or "significant improvement," as new principal owner Sheila Ford Hamp explained during her introductory media session.

But, how likely is it the Bill Belichick disciple will survive the entire 2020 season?

The sheer amount of pressure to win must be daunting for all involved. 

Couple that with the uncertainty surrounding how players and coaches will respond to having gone through their first ever virtual offseason, and a recipe for failure could be approaching. 

If it is the end for Patricia at any point this season, nobody, at least, will state that he didn't attempt to do things his way. 

Signing several ex-Patriots, moving on from players that did not fit his culture and playing an "old school" brand of football were tangible efforts to bring winning football to Motown. 

It is still quite uncertain, though, if those efforts will result in Patricia surviving until the end of the 2020 season.


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