Calvin Johnson Will Guest Appear on Glover Quin's 'The DB Room'

John Maakaron

Calvin Johnson retired from the Detroit Lions following the 2015 season. 

Since his sudden retirement, his relationship with the sole organization he played for has soured. 

He detailed his struggles in an in-depth feature interview for Sports Illustrated last September.

Johnson discussed with senior writer Michael Rosenberg how frustrated he was the organization asked him to pay back his signing bonus, despite the numerous injuries he tried to play through towards the tail end of his career.

He indicated he wouldn't have anything to do with the organization unless the money was returned back to him in full.

On Wednesday evening, Johnson is set to be a guest on ex-teammate Glover Quin's "The DB Room" YouTube show.

Previous guests who have been interviewed by Quin about their journey to the NFL have included Darius Slay, Kareem Jackson, Jeff Okudah, Golden Tate and Quandre Diggs.

Despite the animosity Johnson has with the organization, he has spoken to current head coach Matt Patricia on numerous occasions.

"I've actually spoken with him (Johnson) on numerous occasions," Patricia said. "He's unbelievable. He's great. I am real appreciative of his help, his advice. Believe me, if I could get him out there I would throw a couple to him right now and he would go get them."


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I think Calvin is more than willing to speak out against the Lions. Wonder if Quin will ask about the money being given back to Lions