Coronavirus Could End Up Saving Matt Patricia's Job

John Maakaron

The fate of Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia was discussed in Sheila Ford Hamp's introductory media session. 

Following a disastrous 2019 season, ownership mandated that the team be in "playoff contention" in 2020. 

Even though improving the on-field product and securing significantly better results appear straight-forward in nature, the mandate still has left certain supporters confused due to the lack of specificity.

Ford Hamp stopped short of demanding the Lions secure a playoff berth in 2020 when asked about the mandate. 

As a global pandemic poses a serious threat to sports all over the country, Patricia may actually benefit from the uncertainty that threatens the upcoming season and the NFL rosters of all 32 franchises.

“This is going to be kind of a weird year, so I don’t want to say anything about wins and losses,” she said. “The over-arching thing is, we want to see major improvement. At this point, I can’t really say what those specific measures are going to be because I don’t know what the season is gonna be like yet. But, believe me, major improvement is the goal.”

In his two seasons at the helm, Patricia's win-loss record is just 9-22-1. 

While there are certainly higher expectations for this upcoming season, the circumstances surrounding the sports world may actually benefit the current staff, as organizations may not be looking to make drastic changes.


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Comments (9)
No. 1-5

Sheila Hamp essentially gave a built in excuse during her conference call with the media. The Lions will continue to lose under her leadership. When you think about it, she has essentially been running the team along with her mother since 2014. Nothing has changed


That's right if we stay healthy we can be top 10 offense.just wish this defense would pull together buy into system and play there best man can't wait to see how we look this year

Genna Rose
Genna Rose

I understand how it can be tough for a lot of fans to like Patricia with the 9-22-1 record; however, this virtual offseason provided the team and staff with a bond that may not have been possible without the pandemic. Patricia even stated this process helped him become a better coach. I have a positive outlook on the chemistry of the Lions heading into 2020. Great chemistry = better chance for more wins.


Haven’t really heard anyone say it. Lions could easily be a playoff team if they stay healthy


Everyone is prepared for the season to shut down the moment Lions get in 1st place