LB Jahlani Tavai Has Close Call on Fourth of July

Lions linebacker Jahlani Tavai posts photos and videos of fireworks accident

The Fourth of July holiday has traditionally been filled with celebration, social gatherings and of course, fireworks.

Despite repeated warnings by local authorities not to set off fireworks, those set on enjoying the festivities continue to ignore the warnings of the extreme dangers of lighting fireworks without the proper amount of training. 

Every year, thousands are forced to make emergency room visits due to significant injuries stemming from fireworks accidents.

Back in 2015, New York Giants linebacker Jason Pierre Paul suffered a gruesome right hand injury when an explosion occurred while lighting fireworks. 

As a result, he was never the same player on the football field.

On Saturday evening, second-year Detroit Lions linebacker Jahlani Tavai shared via social media a near catastrophic fireworks accident. 

Tavai is seen on his own Instagram Live story lighting fireworks along with others attending a social gathering. 

"Been 10 years since the last time I did this hahha," Tavai writes on his IG page. 

The first attempts appear to go off without any difficulties.

Then, another video appears which shows Tavai nearly escaping a very bad accident.

Like on so many other occasions, when things go wrong, one of the rockets shooting appears to errantly catch Tavai in the head region.

Luckily, it did not appear to cause any serious injuries.

Lions Linebacker Jahlani Tavai 

Lions Linebacker Jahlani Tavai 

Jahlani Tavai

Jahlani Tavai

Jahlani Tavai 

Jahlani Tavai 

"Yup, not doing this again for another 10 years hahahah. Took it to (the) face haha. Don't do this at home, kids," Tavai acknowledges. 

If he avoids further risk-taking activities, the second-year linebacker is poised to earn increased opportunities during his sophomore campaign. 

Tavai has displayed early in his career that he is adept at being versatile, which should please the coaching staff and result in increased snaps for Detroit's defense.


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