Poll: Will Matthew Stafford Get Traded Before the Super Bowl?

Will Matthew Stafford be traded sooner rather than later?

The speculation and rumors regarding the Detroit Lions trading Matthew Stafford have started to heat up. 

According to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, Detroit may attempt to complete a trade involving Stafford prior to Super Bowl LV.

"I think talks have really escalated on Matthew Stafford. I think it'd be smart of the Lions to do this now," Breer said Friday on the Dan Patrick Show. "Before we have any certainty, the Lions can get in front of it and say, 'Here's a quarterback you can have right now, and you don't need to worry about where the rest of the market goes.'"

Breer explained that Detroit may look to expedite the process of trading the veteran quarterback before other quarterbacks potentially hit the market. 

"The Lions talked to different teams this week. And there are a few teams where we know they're going to be aggressive at quarterback this offseason: New England, Indianapolis, Carolina, Washington," Breer explained. "I can't tell you which one Stafford's going to go to. But, I think the Lions are of a mind to try and get this done over the next week or so if they can, because they feel like if we do it now, we'll get ahead of the supply/demand curve and be able to maybe get a first-round pick plus something else."

Other reports that surfaced earlier this week have the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams as being interested in making a deal for Stafford.

Early indications are that new Lions general manager Brad Holmes is interested in securing at least a first-round pick for the longtime Detroit franchise passer. 

Do you believe Stafford will be traded prior to the Super Bowl? 

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