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Odds Shift: Patriots 'Favorite' to Sign DeAndre Hopkins AND Dalvin Cook

The oddsmakers in Las Vegas now have the New England Patriots as favorites to sign Dalvin Cook and DeAndre Hopkins.

All eyes are on DeAndre Hopkins as the New England Patriots anxiously await his decision, which doesn't look to be coming anytime soon, as experts suggest he wait until it is closer to a training camp near the end of July. 

So, in the meantime, the Patriots have been busy taking care of their own players, with news breaking over the past two days that they've agreed to contract extensions with receiver DeVante Parker and inside linebacker Ja’Whaun Bentley. As expected, these two contract extensions prompted excitement around the Patriots' fanbase as the moves reportedly freed up immediate cap space.

Yet, fans aren't the only ones getting excited, as even the oddsmakers have shifted the betting lines for the Patriots to land not just one free-agent but two. The latest odds for the Patriots to sign Hopkins has further shifted in their direction from -115 to -120, according to DraftKings. Additionally, the Pats are now sharing the title of favorite with the Miami Dolphins to sign running back Dalvin Cook at +250.

These shifts are in line with the recent chatter surrounding both players who are on the open market. Except for a recent denial from's Ian Rapoport, the line for Cook is intriguing. Does Vegas know something others don't? 

Possibly so, except it is unlikely and, in all likelihood, is just a result of people placing more money on the Patriots to sign both players after their recent moves to help free up additional cap space in the short-term. 

As for what we know, the Patriots have already offered a contract to Hopkins, and he is reportedly mulling it over. At the same time, any discussions between New England and Cook have not been reported on at the moment. The 27-year-old back has let it be known through his actions on social media that he would be, at the very least, talking to the Patriots about a potential deal. 

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