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Cam Jordan's Hilarious Quotes from U.K. Interview

Cam Jordan had four hilarious quotes from his interview with the Mirror Sport.

When you interview Cam Jordan, you can't help to be educated and entertained by the All-Pro defensive end. The 11-year veteran spoke with Megan Feringa of Mirror Sport.  

Here are four hilarious quotes from Jordan:

Bashing the Jets!

"The Jets! I'm not lying. You watch film on the Jets, and you're like, (Jordan leans into the Zoom camera and whispers) they suck."

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In Week 14, Jordan was drooling and wanted a piece of the Jets, but a positive COVID-19 test caused him to miss the trip to the Big Apple.

"Against the Jets!" Jordan repeats. "That was one of those teams that you're like, 'they're not only giving out wins, they're giving out stats for everybody'."

On Falling to the Dolphins 

“If you lose to the Miami Dolphins, you sort of deserve this,” he says.

Lobbying to Play Tight End

“I’m gunning for it. I need one.”