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Michael Thomas is Running Routes

Things have been progressing with Michael Thomas, and his Friday afternoon Instagram story was particularly interesting.

Saints receiver Michael Thomas is running routes now, as his latest Instagram stories have revealed.

This 30-second video shows Thomas doing a few different things, but the main takeaway being that he's running and doesn't appear to have any limitations.

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It's no secret that Thomas is a huge rebound candidate, something Bob Rose wrote about a couple days ago. He's the player I wrote about that has the most to prove this upcoming season.

Regardless of when Thomas comes back, it's a very important milestone. He can be extremely dominant when in the lineup, and the supporting cast actually may take some pressure off him to perform at an elite level. The chemistry is something to develop with Jameis Winston, but it'll work. 

For some, getting No. 13 out there could be the best thing to happen for the Saints. He'll have the chip on his shoulder, and will have a lot of critics and doubters to silence.

We saw Payton Turner tweet out that he had been medically cleared for training camp the other day, and when you add Wil Lutz and Michael Thomas back in the fold, things are certainly looking up for New Orleans. However, we'll wait to see what happens when we do get to practice at the end of the month.

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