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Philip Rivers Would Listen If Saints Called

Philip Rivers is retired, but says a 'perfect storm' would lure him out. His name has come up regarding the Saints, and he would listen if they called.

The NFL's trade deadline is just a short time away, and we're waiting to see what the Saints will do, if anything. One interesting gem to come out from today that has social media in a frenzy is from Sam Farmer of the LA Times after reporting on Tuesday that Philip Rivers hasn't heard from the Saints, but would listen.

Mark Heim, a reporter for and radio host for WNSP out of Alabama actually spoke to Rivers this morning on his show. Rivers, who is a coach at St. Michaels Catholic School in Fairhope, was asked about the situation the Saints are going through.

Rivers said, "I saw a bunch of those things yesterday. It was interesting. I told you 6 or 8 weeks ago. I stay somewhat ready in case the perfect storm hits. There's been no dialogue. You don't shut the door on anything. It's a super super slim chance."

While it seems highly unlikely to have Rivers come out of retirement to play, we looked at the options New Orleans has to replace Jameis Winston on Monday. Sean Payton said that he likes the quarterback room, and that feels like the realistic direction to stay right now.

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