Saints News: WR Tre'Quan Smith Looking Forward to Having Fans in Superdome

Saints WR Tre'Quan Smith gives his thoughts on a normal NFL season while doing foundation work in South Florida.
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The Saints are among the top three NFL clubs in player vaccination, being one of two teams to cross the 85 percent threshold recently. In mid-June, the league and the NFLPA agreed on several updated COVID-19 protocols for this year's training camp and preseason. 

Saints WR Tre'Quan Smith


Tre'Quan Smith recently interviewed with the Orlando Sentinel to give his thoughts on a potential normal NFL season.

“We just want to get back to the normal way as quickly as possible and as safely as possible,” Smith said.

After being initially hesitant to vaccinate, Smith revealed to Adam Lichtenstein that he is waiting to get his second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at the end of the month. 

Smith said he was looking at the bad things and not looking at the good things, like potentially getting his diabetic mother sick or the nieces or nephews he was around all the time.

Hopefully, the end game is getting back to the way things were before, which means a fully packed out Superdome to root the Saints on.

“Everybody’s looking forward to having our fans back,” Smith said. “As players, we love to have our fans there. As fans, we know they love to be there. It’s going to be amazing this season, slowly getting back to normal. When we have our fans there, we feel like everything is rolling.”

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Saints Fans Vaccinated for 2021


The Saints recently issued a statement to clarify any confusion on what Superdome attendance would look like for this season. They expect and intend to start the season without masks being required, and will not require proof of vaccination for fans attending games.

Smith is currently in South Florida doing work with his recently launched foundation, hosting a "fun day" at Delray Beach's Pompey Park on Sunday.