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Tre'Quan Smith's Goal: 'Stay Healthy'

Tre'Quan Smith's top goal in 2022-23 is an easy one to list - "stay healthy."

Staying healthy is the priority of Tre-Quan Smith after re-signing with New Orleans for a 2-year contract. The four-year veteran returned to his familiar territory after being courted this offseason by the Saints' most-hated rival in Atlanta.   

The UCF product was happy to stay a Saint and return home. "New Orleans is honestly like home for me," Smith mentioned to John Hendrix. " I've been here my entire time from when I left college, and just honestly being around Jameis again, a wonderful, wonderful teammate, a wonderful guy just in general. Last year, we had some things planned, but then a lot of things went sideways."

The "sideways" part refers to the injuries his teammates, including himself, sustained during the 2021-22 season. Smith told me that his goal to stay healthy was "kind of repetitive, year in, and year out." Since the 2019 season, Tre'Quan has missed 13 games due to illness or injury, mostly lower leg injuries. You could sense Smith's frustration on the topic. "I hope this year is going to be a year I stay fully healthy, and I pray on it."

The Saints' new strength and conditioning staff have Smith stretching more this offseason. Since most of his problems are lower leg, I wondered what advice he received from medical professionals. "The biggest thing is to make sure I don't skip any any any steps and make sure I get a real good stretch and get a real good warm-up."


New Orleans will need a healthy Tre'Quan Smith for 2022-23. Should Michael Thomas return to full strength, pairing him in the starting lineup with Smith and third-year wideout Callaway will be good targets for Jameis Winston. The Saints are seeking more of a dynamic presence downfield. Deonte Harris caught two long touchdowns from Winston's bombs against Green Bay and Washington. Mickey Loomis and the Saints scouts have been looking at drafting a wide receiver. One name on the radar is Ohio State's wide receiver Chris Olave. After New Orleans traded with the Eagles and secured two first-round draft picks in the 2022 NFL Draft, a young, speedy wide receiver will fit nicely in Pete Carmichael's offense.   

For now, Tre'Quan Smith's veteran know-how will help in a crowded young receiver corps with Baker, McCleskey, Winston Jr, Merritt, and former No. 1 draft pick, Kevin White.   

"I just got to keep my faith. No telling what God has in store. I just need to stay healthy, and everything else is going to come along," remarked Smith. A healthy Tre'Quan adds to the offensive weaponry, downfield blocking, and offensive consistency. Constants haven't been the case for the Saints the past two seasons. Can it be the case for 2022?

We shall see. 

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