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Diontae Johnson Calls Out Critics of Steelers Run Game

The Pittsburgh Steelers run game doesn't always click, but the team has no hard feelings towards it.

PITTSBURGH -- Diontae Johnson does not agree with those constantly criticizing the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line. And to those who have been, he'd like you to go try doing their job. 

Johnson spoke with media about the Kansas City Chiefs' efforts to stop the Steelers' wide receivers, and said a strong component was the team's inability to run the football. That hasn't always been the case, though.

"We saw a lot of two-high, the whole game," Johnson said about the Chiefs defense. "They were trying to bracket me and Chase the whole game. They wanted to keep everything underneath. In two-high, you obviously have to run the ball. They’re not going to let you throw it. They want to keep everything underneath. You very rarely see them go one-high. They did on like 3rd-and-2 or something like that. But that’s what we’ve been seeing, two-high because we haven’t been running the ball like we want to. But at times, we do run the ball and we show we can run the ball on teams that they said we can’t run the ball on"

Johnson continued to say that those calling out the offensive line need to step in their shoes, because making that group click isn't as simple as some may believe. 

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