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Steelers QB Mitch Trubisky Unable to Change Play Calls at Line

The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback does not have total control at the line of scrimmage.

PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers have yet to produce a successful offense through two games of the regular season. Now completing 11 games without a first-half offensive touchdown, and finding the endzone just twice in two weeks, many are looking for answers to the team's inability to find success with the football. 

While quarterback Mitch Trubisky is taking much of the heat, it's come to light that he doesn't have full control of the offense when on the field. According to Trubisky and offensive coordinator Matt Canada, Trubisky is not allowed to audible the play on every down. 

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Canada alluded to a young offense as to why the veteran quarterback doesn't have the freedom to change calls at line of scrimmage. He also addressed how the situation differs from having an 18-year veteran in Ben Roethlisberger. 

Trubisky is a six-year veteran. 

"We're evolving to that too," Canada said. "When you got a guy who played 18 years and then a guy who just got here with a bunch of young players. We're slowly building to that. We didn't get the result we wanted Sunday and we didn't score enough the week before. We're not where we want to be and we have to keep working at that and adding certain things we think will help us each week."

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