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Must Watch: Todd Gurley and NFC South Fantasy Football Outlook

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Two new starting quarterbacks in the NFC South with Teddy Bridgewater joining the Panthers and Tom Brady signing on with the Buccaneers should make for an interesting year in this division. Expect an offensive explosion from all four teams which should yield great results from a fantasy football perspective.

Sports Illustrated’s Dr. Roto gives his analysis on Falcons running back Todd Gurley, Buccaneers tight end OJ Howard, and Panthers tight end Ian Thomas. All three players are in a unique position heading into 2020. Gurley is taking over the Atlanta backfield. Howard now has some competition with Rob Gronkowski signing in Tampa Bay and Thomas could be in line for a breakout season with Greg Olsen leaving for Seattle. Speaking of Thomas, Panthers Reporter Schuyler Callihan, asked if Thomas can fill Greg Olsen’s shoes in his latest article. Check it out here.

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Kaitlin O'Toole: Sports Illustrated is taking a look at this stock for fantasy players. Joining me now from all Panthers is Schuyler Callahan and SI Fantasy and gambling analyst Dr. Roto. Doc, let's start with you. I want to talk about the NFC South. Which players have you seen the stock go up? Which ones have gone down? 

Dr. Roto: Great question, Kaitlin, let me give you a stock up here. Todd Gurley goes from the Rams to the Falcons, went to the University of Georgia to Devonta Freeman is not there anymore. Who's going to get the football? Ito Smith? I don't think so. I think it's Todd Gurley. So we get about twenty to twenty five touches per game that touches equals fantasy value. So I think Gurley might be a really good stock up this year. 

Todd Gurley NFL Meeting

Stock down. How about OJ Howard from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Bruce Arians hates him. Byron Leftwich, which hates him. And now Rob Gronkowski is there pairing with Tom Brady. Where is the opportunity for OJ Howard? I don't see it, stock down for him.  


Kaitlin O'Toole:  Sounds like Gurley's the guy, Schuyler, I want to talk to you specifically about the Panthers. Ian Thomas, what are your thoughts? Stock up or down?

Schuyler Callihan:  I got to say, stock up, and the reason I say that is because Joe Brady, the new offensive coordinator coming from LSU, he's a guy that loves to spread the ball around. I really think this benefits Ian Thomas and also benefits that Greg Olsen is no longer here. He's now at the Seattle Seahawks. He got to sit and learn behind one of the best tight ends in the game to ever do something, even though he's got a little maturing to go through and a little bit of developing. I think he's got a really good shot to see that stock go way up in 2020. 

Kaitlin O'Toole: Guys, thank you so much for your insight on stock value for the NFC South. For all the latest fantasy and gambling analysis, stay with us. Side 

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