Which NFL Team Has the Best New Uniforms?

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Many NFL teams took to social media to showcase their new uniforms for the upcoming season. SI's Connor Orr shares his thoughts on which organization has the best new threads.

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Madelyn Burke:  New season, new threads. Several teams have revamped their uniforms for the twenty twenty season and the QB is Connor Orr has ranked the new looks content, which team has your favorite makeover for 2020. 

Connor Orr: This is highly scientific stuff, you're right. But Los Angeles Chargers built this up all season long. They talked about the hype. They were leaking pictures to famous media people and celebrity people building an anticipation. 

The Falcons unveiled their new uniforms for the 2020 season.

They actually deliver. I mean, this is one of the first times where I think the hype meets the actual product. I love the numbers on their helmets. I think that's a classic look. And then you bring back a lot of that powdered blue that everybody loves about the Chargers. And, you know, they're not afraid to embrace the past. Meanwhile, you got teams like the Bucs who are afraid of the creamsicle bringing that back. Why take your lessons from the Chargers? People, they knew how to do it. 

Madelyn Burke: Chargers move into L.A. and embracing that glove with a sharp new look for 2020, Connor. Thanks so much for the time. 

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