Bama in the NFL: Active Crimson Tide Players by Team, Position

BamaCentral continually updates the Bama in the NFL Database, including current NFL rosters, active and inactive players, and by team. 
East Rutherford, NJ August 26, 2023 -- Quinnen Williams of the Jets reacts to a sack in the first half. The NY Jets against the NY Giants on August 26, 2023 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, as the rivals play their final preseason game before the start of the NFL season.
East Rutherford, NJ August 26, 2023 -- Quinnen Williams of the Jets reacts to a sack in the first half. The NY Jets against the NY Giants on August 26, 2023 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, as the rivals play their final preseason game before the start of the NFL season. / Chris Pedota, / USA
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How many former Alabama Crimson Tide players are in the NFL? The number changes on a regular basis, and for years BamaCentral has continually updated its Bama in the NFL Database to provide the latest on who is listed on NFL rosters, active and inactive players, status, and by team.

There is one one time of the year, though, when there's an official answer to that question. Only on opening weekend, when the rosters are locked for Week 1, does the NFL do an official breakdown of the active players (practice squads and players on injury lists do not count toward the active roster).

For a little perspective, at the beginning of the 2023-24 season, Alabama led all schools with 57 former players on active rosters. It was the seventh straight season the Crimson Tide had at least a share of that status.

The following was last updated on June 28, 2024:

Alabama Crimson Tide Players on NFL Rosters 


1. Jonathan Allen, 93, DT, Washington Commanders
2. Will Anderson Jr. 51, DE, Houston Texans
3. Jalyn Armour-Davis, 5, CB, Baltimore Ravens
4. Terrion Arnold, 0, CB, Detroit Lions
5. Anthony Averett, 18, DB, Pittsburgh Steelers
6. Christian Barmore, 90, DT, New England Patriots
7. Jordan Battle, 27, S, Cincinnati Bengals
8. Bradley Bozeman, 75, C, Los Angeles Chargers
9. Brian Branch, 32, S, Detroit Lions
10. Chris Braswell, 43, LB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
11. Tony Brown II, 38, DB, Cleveland Browns
12. Jermaine Burton, 81, WR, Cincinnati Bengals
13. Shyheim Carter 28, S, Tennessee Titans
14. Amari Cooper, 2, WR, Cleveland Browns
15. Lester Cotton Sr., 66, OG, Miami Dolphins
16. Darrian Dalcourt, 76, OG, Baltimore Ravens,
17. Raekwon Davis, 98, DT, Indianapolis Colts
18. Landon Dickerson, 69, OL, Philadelphia Eagles
19. Trevon Diggs, 7, CB, Dallas Cowboys
20. Justin Eboigbe, 92, DT, Los Angeles Chargers
21. Minkah Fitzpatrick, 39, S, Pittsburgh Steelers
22. Miller Forristall, 86, TE, Los Angeles Rams
23. Jahmyr Gibbs, 26, RB, Detroit Lions
24. Da'Shawn Hand, DT, 93, Miami Dolphins
25. Christian Harris, 48, LB, Houston Texans
26. Najee Harris, 22, RB, Pittsburgh Steelers
27. Ronnie Harrison Jr., 48, LB, Indianapolis Colts
28. DeMarcco Hellams, 23, S, Atlanta Falcons
29. Derrick Henry, 22, RB, Baltimore Ravens
30. Marlon Humphrey, 44, CB, Baltimore Ravens
31. Jalen Hurts*, 1, QB, Philadelphia Eagles
32. Josh Jacobs, 8, RB, Green Bay Packers
33. Anfernee Jennings, 33, LB, New England Patriots
34. Jerry Jeudy, 3, WR, Cleveland Browns
35. Josh Jobe, 28, CB, Philadelphia Eagles
36. Mac Jones, 10, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars
37. Ryan Kelly, 78, C, Indianapolis Colts
38. Jaylen Key, 33, S, New York Jets
39. JC Latham, 55, OT, Tennessee Titans
40. Cameron Latu, 81, TE, San Francisco 49ers
41. Alex Leatherwood, 67, OT, Los Angeles Chargers
42. Terrell Lewis, 46D, LB, Philadelphia Eagles
43. Phidarian Mathis, 98, DT, Washington Commanders
44. Jase McClellan, 30, RB, Atlanta Falcons
45. Xavier McKinney, 29, S, Green Bay Packers
46. Kool-Aid McKinstry, 34, CB, New Orleans Saints
47. John Metchie III, 8, WR, Houston Texans
48. C.J. Mosley, 57, LB, New York Jets
49. Evan Neal, 73, OT, New York Giants
50. Daron Payne, 94, DT, Washington Commanders
51. LaBryan Ray, 67, DT, Carolina Panthers
52. Jarran Reed, 90, DL, Seattle Seahawks
53. Will Reichard, 46, K, Minnesota Vikings
54. Eli Ricks, 23, CB, Philadelphia Eagles
55. Calvin Ridley, 0, WR, Tennessee Titans
56. A’Shawn Robinson, 94, DT, Carolina Panthers
57. Brian Robinson Jr., 8, RB, Washington Commanders
58. Cam Robinson, 74, OT, Jacksonville Jaguars
59. JK Scott, 16, P, Los Angeles Chargers
60. Cam Sims, 87, WR, Carolina Panthers
61. DeVonta Smith, 6, WR, Philadelphia Eagles
62. Irv Smith Jr., 82, TE, Kansas City Chiefs
63. Tyler Steen, 56, OG, Philadelphia Eagles
64. Pat Surtain II, 2, CB, Denver Broncos
65. Tua Tagovailoa, 1, QB, Miami Dolphins
66. Dalvin Tomlinson, 94, DL, Cleveland Browns
67. Henry To'oTo'o, 39, LB, Houston Texans
68. Dallas Turner, 15, LB, Minnesota Vikings
69. Jaylen Waddle, 17, WR, Miami Dolphins
70. Levi Wallace, 39, CB, Denver Broncos
71. Jameson Williams, 9, WR, Detroit Lions
72. Jonah Williams, 73, OT, Arizona Cardinals
73. Quinnen Williams, 95, DL, New York Jets
74. Jedrick Wills Jr. 71, OT, Cleveland Browns
75. Mack Wilson Sr., 2, LB, Arizona Cardinals
76. Bryce Young, 9, QB, Carolina Panthers
77. Byron Young, 93, DT, Las Vegas Raiders

Free Agents

1. Deonte Brown, G, (Carolina Panthers)
2. Isaiah Buggs, DT, (Kansas City Chiefs)
3. D.J. Fluker, OL, (Las Vegas Raiders)
4. Damien Harris RB, (retired)
5. J.C. Hassenauer, OL (New York Giants)
6. Eddie Jackson, S (Chicago Bears)
7. Julio Jones, WR (Philadelphia Eagles)
8. AJ McCarron, QB (Cincinnati Bengals)
9. Carson Tinker, LS (Los Angeles Rams)

*Jalen Hurts played his final collegiate season at Oklahoma, but claims both schools.

Alabama Crimson Tide Players by NFL Team

AFC East

Buffalo Bills


Miami Dolphins

#66 Lester Cotton, OG
#93 Da'Shawn Hand, DT
#1 Tua Tagovailoa, QB
#17 Jaylen Waddle, WR

New England Patriots

#90 Christian Barmore, DT
#33 Anfernee Jennings, LB

New York Jets

#33 Jaylen Key, DB
#57 C.J. Mosley, LB
#95 Quinnen Williams, DL

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens

#5 Jalyn Armour-Davis, CB
#76 Darrian Dalcourt, OG
#22 Derrick Henry, RB
#44 Marlon Humphrey, CB

Cincinnati Bengals

#27 Jordan Battle, S
#81 Jermaine Burton, WR

Cleveland Browns

#38 Tony Brown, DB
#2 Amari Cooper, WR
#3 Jerry Jeudy, WR
#94 Dalvin Tomlinson, DL
#71 Jedrick Wills Jr., T

Pittsburgh Steelers

#18 Anthony Averett, CB
#39 Minkah Fitzpatrick, S
#22 Najee Harris, RB

AFC South

Houston Texans

#51 Will Anderson Jr., DE
#48 Christian Harris, LB
#8 John Metchie III, WR
#39 Henry To'oTo'o, LB

Indianapolis Colts

#98 Raekwon Davis, DT
#48 Ronnie Harrison Jr, DB
#78 Ryan Kelly, C

Jacksonville Jaguars

#10 Mac Jones, QB
#74 Cam Robinson, OL

Tennessee Titans

#28 Shyheim Carter, DB
#55 JC Latham, OT
#0 Calvin RIdley, WR

AFC West

Denver Broncos

#2 Pat Surtain II, CB
#39 Levil Wallace, CB

Kansas City Chiefs

#82 Irv Smith, Jr., TE

Las Vegas Raiders

#93 Byron Young, DT

Los Angeles Chargers

#75 Bradley  Bozeman, C
#92 Justin Eboigbe, DL
#67 Alex Leatherwood, OT
#16 JK Scott, P

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

#7 Trevon Diggs, CB

New York Giants

#73 Evan Neal, OT

Philadelphia Eagles

#69 Landon Dickerson, OL
#1 Jalen Hurts, QB
#28 Josh Jobe, CB
#46d Terrell Lewis, LB
#23 Eli Ricks, CB
#6 DeVonta Smith, WR
#56 Anthony Steen, OG

Washington Commanders

#93 Jonathan Allen, DT
#98 Phidarian Mathis, DT
#94 Daron Payne, DT
#8 Brian Robinson Jr., RB

NFL North

Chicago Bears


Detroit Lions

#0 Terrion Arnold CB
#32 Brian Branch,
 #26 Jahmyr Gibbs, RB
#9 Jameson Williams, WR

Green Bay Packers

#8 Josh Jacobs, RB
#29 Xavier McKinney, S

Minnesota Vikings

#46 Will Reichard, K
#15 Dallas Turner LB

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

#23 DeMarcco Hellams, S
#30 Jase McClellan, RB

Carolina Panthers

#93 LaBryan Ray, DT
#94 A'Shawn Robinson, DT
#87 Cam Sims, WR
#9 Bryce Young, QB

New Orleans Saints

#34 Kool-Aid McKinstry, CB

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

#43 Chris Braswell, LB

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals

#73 Jonah Williams, OT
#2 Mack Wilson Sr., LB

Los Angeles Rams

#82 Miller Forristall, TE

San Francisco 49ers

#81 Cameron Latu, TE

Seattle Seahawks

#90 Jarran Reed, DT

Alabama Crimson Tide Players by Position

Players listed alphabetically.


1. Jalen Hurts, QB, #1 Eagles
2. Mac Jones, QB, #10 Jaguars
3. Tua Tagovailoa, QB, #1 Dolphins
4. Bryce Young QB, #9 Panthers

Running Backs

1. Jahmyr Gibbs, RB, #26 Lions
2. Najee Harris, RB, #22 Steelers
3. Derrick Henry, RB, #22, Ravens
4. Josh Jacobs, RB, #8 Packers
5. Jase McClellan ,RB, 30 Falcons
6. Brian Robinson Jr., RB, #8 Commanders

Wide Receovers

1. Jermaine Burton, WR, #81 Bengals
2. Amari Cooper, WR, #2 Browns
3. Jerry Jeudy, WR, #3 Browns
4. John Metchie III, WR, #8 Texans
5. Calvin Ridley, WR, #0 Titans
6. Cam Sims, WR, #87 Panthers
7. DeVonta Smith, WR, #6 Eagles
8. Jaylen Waddle, WR, #17 Dolphins
9. Jameson Williams, WR, #9 Lions

Tight Ends

1. Miller Forristall, TE, #82 Rams
2. Cameron Latu, TE, #81 49ers
3. Irv Smith Jr., TE, # Chiefs

Offensive Linemen

1. Bradley Bozeman, C, # Chargers
2. Lester Cotton Sr., OG, #66 Dolphins
3. Darrian Dalcourt, OG, #76 Ravens
4. Landon Dickerson, OL, #69 Eagles
5. Ryan Kelly, C, #78 Colts
6. JC Latham, OT, #55 Titans
7. Alex Leatherwood, OT, Chargers
8. Evan Neal, OT, #73 Giants
9. Cam Robinson, OL, #74 Jaguars
10. Anthony Steen, OG, #56 Eagles
11. Jonah Williams, OT, #73 Cardinals
12. Jedrick Wills Jr., T, #71 Browns

Defensive Linemen

1. Jonathan Allen, DT, #93 Commanders
2. Will Anderson Jr., DE, #51 Texans
3. Christian Barmore, DT, #90 Patriots
4. Raekwon Davis, DT, #98 Colts
5. Justin Eboigbe, DL, #92, Chargers
6. Da'Shawn Hand, DT, #93, Dolphins
7. Phidarian Mathis, DT, #98 Commanders
8. Daron Payne, DT, #94 Commanders
9. LaBryan Ray, DT, #93 Panthers
10. Jarran Reed, DL, #90 Seahawks
11. A’Shawn Robinson, DT, #94 Panthers
12. Dalvin Tomlinson, DL, #94 Browns
13. Quinnen Williams, DL, #95 Jets
14. Byron Young, DT, #93 Raiders


1. Chris Braswell, LB, #43 Buccaneers
2. Christian Harris, LB, #48 Texans
3. Ronnie Harrison Jr, #48, Colts
4. Anfernee Jennings, LB, #33 Patriots
5. Terrell Lewis, LB #46d Eagles
6. C.J. Mosley, LB, #57 Jets
7. Henry To'oTo'o, LB, #39 Texans
8. Dallas Turner, LB, #15 Vikings
9. Mack Wilson Sr., LB, #2 Cardinals

Defensive Backs

1. Terrion Arnold, CB #0 Lions
2. Jalyn Armour-Davis, CB, #5 Ravens
3. Anthony Averett, CB #18 Steelers
4. Jordan Battle, S, #27 Bengals
5. Brain Branch, S, #32 Lions
6. Tony Brown, DB, #38 Browns
7. Shyheim Carter, RB, #28 Titans
8. Trevon Diggs, CB, #7 Cowboys
9. Emil Ekiyor Jr., CB, # Colts
10. Minkah Fitzpatrick, S, #39 Steelers
11. DeMarcco Hellams, S, #23 Falcons
12. Marlon Humphrey, CB, #44 Ravens
13. Josh Jobe, CB, #28 Eagles
14. Jaylen Key, DB #33 Jets
15. Xavier McKinney, S, #29 Packers
16. Kool-Aid McKinstry, CB #34 Saints
17. Eli Ricks, CB, #23 Eagles
18. Pat Surtain II, CB, #2 Broncos
19. Levi Wallace, CB, #39 Broncos

Special Teams

1. Will Reichard, K, #46 Vikings
2. JK Scott, P, #16 Chargers

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