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Timely Stance by Mississippi State's Kylin Hill may be the Beginning of College Athletes Using Their Leverage

The Best of Sports Illustrated: Mississippi State running back Kylin Hill has made a name for himself as an activist, and the next major change may come at rival Ole Miss

Mississippi State running back Kylin Hill was already exceptional on the football field. He led the SEC in return rushing this last season. 

This college football offseason there has been numerous players speaking out and joining the national conversation of racial injustice in the United States. Hill was one of those players. 

But his speaking out is already ben hailed as maybe being the key moment in the decision to changed the state flag of Mississippi, which featured a confederate battle flag.

Granted, the pressure had been mounting, with both the NCAA and SEC declare the state off-limits for its championships until the flag was changed. But the symbol had been on Mississippi's flag for 126 years.

There have been other examples, including Alabama football's Black Lives Matter video that was written by offensive lineman Alex Leatherwood, and fans can expect more as athletes continue to realize the power and influence that NCAA athletes truly hold. 

As for what's next, Sports Illustrated senior writer Pat Forde believes it might be calling the University of Mississippi "Ole Miss" and the Rebels nickname. 

There's already been some speculation and discussion about whether the term "Ole Miss," has roots in racism. There is widespread academic speculation or belief that it was from the African-American dialect of slaves. 

Of course Rebels goes back to the Confederate side of the Civil War. UNLV has the same nickname, but obviously a very different past.

The school has made considerable efforts to try to distance itself from some of its past Confederate iconography, the stars and Bars Confederate flag that was up a lot in evidence at football games there is no longer allowed. The school song, "Dixie" is no longer played, and the mascot, Colonel Reb, he has been done away with. 

But are there more steps to take? A lot of people think so. The term Ole Miss, not one hundred percent verifiable where it came from, but t

Said Forde: "These are questions that that school is probably going to have to deal with here in the coming days, weeks, months, years, as America continues to try to kind of unspool some of its racist past."

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