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The Extra Point: NIL at the University of Alabama

Claire Yates discusses Name, Image and Likeness and its impact with Mason Smith.

Name, image, and likeness has affected many student-athletes not only at UA, but across the country. NIL helps college athletes promote NCAA athletic programs and drive revenue.

NIL has grown significantly over the past couple of years. Now, athletes have the chance to sell their personal apparel. UA is the home of many athletes and sports, and with NIL, it has benefited these athletes greatly.

The great thing about NIL is that the athletes are able to expand their brand and show their personality on and off the field, or whatever their sport may be. NIL gives them the chance to be recognized as being more than just an athlete.

Along with every positive aspect of NIL, there are also some barriers too. NIL can negatively affect athletes in ways that could potentially make them less driven on the college level.

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With being a collegiate student-athlete, most athletes want to get to the professional level. In the past, athletes would have to work extremely hard in order to get to the professional level to then go on to make some money. Now that the athletes can make money at the college level, it could potentially make the athletes lose some drive to make it to the professional level.

As athletes get older, money becomes more of a priority. If these athletes are getting money at such a young age, it could make them not want to pursue their athletic dreams if they are already getting this revenue.

While this is a big negative aspect of NIL, the positives can outweigh them. NIL deals truly do benefit the athletes as they are able to express themselves. Many times, student-athletes often get caught up in their sport, but with NIL, it gives these athletes the chance to show the world who they really are and to find their brand.

Many athletes at UA have had NIL opportunities as well as many other athletes around the country. NIL will hopefully continue to grow and will continue to benefit these athletes.

Watch the video at the top of the page where BamaCentral's Claire Yates and Mason Smith discuss NIL at The University of Alabama.